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Inglês e Contabilidade: 10 termos em inglês que todo contador precisa saber

A contabilidade tem inúmeras expressões em inglês reconhecidas em qualquer parte do globo. Está começando a estudar na área ou já está atuante há algum tempo? Separamos abaixo 10 termos em inglês para contabilidade: 



1 – Liabilities

Definition: Liabilities present a future obligation;

Example: The business has liabilities of 2 million euros.



2 – Break-even Point 

Definition: reach a point in a business venture when the profits are equal to the costs;

Example: We should reach break-even point after our first year.



3 – Amortization
Definition: The practice of paying back a debt by making small regular payments over a period of time;

Example: After looking at the amortization rates, Peter realized he was losing a lot of money just due to depreciation alone.



5 – Asset
Definition: Anything that has current or future economic value to a business;

Example: A company’s assets can consist of cash, investments, specialist knowledge, or copyright material.



6 – Balance sheet
Definition: Financial statement that reports a company’s assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity at a specific point in time.

Example: He points out that the company has the strongest balance sheet among all the farm-machinery giants.



7 –  Expenses
Definition: The operational cost that is paid to earn business revenues;

Example: We need to cut down on our expenses.



8 – Profit
Definition: The money a business pulls in after accounting for all expenses;

Example: Company profits are down from last year’s figures.



9 – Net worth
Definition: The ​value of the ​assets (property and money)​ that a ​person or ​business has after any ​debts are taken away;

Example: The company has a ​net ​worth of about $70 million.



10 – Working capital
Definition: The difference between a company’s current assets—such as cash, accounts receivable/customers’

Example: Companies need large amounts of working capital in order to operate and grow.



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