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International Women’s Day Interview


As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, we decided to bring a woman from our team to tell us her impressions about life and about women in the 20th century. 

Today we interview Anna Lucia Santoro, she is a teacher at ALT Idiomas, mother, and true warrior in life. Check it out:


What makes you happy as a woman?

As a mother of a girl, I feel happy to be raising my daughter as a person who sees the world with kind eyes, a responsible person that treats people with respect, and is not afraid of showing love and gratitude for what she has. I feel happy to have the possibility of watching her growing up as a good person and walking with her to see what she will conquer.


How would you describe a typical woman in the 2020’s?

Someone who treats other women with sorority and kindness, a person who fights for respect above all. A person that is able to choose working as CEO in a big company or raising kids and taking care of the house if she prefers, and is always respected and recognized for her efforts and choices.


Who would be your female inspiring role? Why?

I think an inspiring personality is Djamila Ribeiro. Philosopher, writer, and activist for black feminism in Brazil, her work is recognized worldwide. She has a strong presence in social media, talking to more than 800 thousand people only on Instagram, and it helped bringing the black feminism discussion to a more popular level. 


What is the one thing you would say a woman must value?

Above all things, a woman should value herself. All women should be raised knowing their importance in society, their capacity of making good decisions, and being completely sure that they are able to conduct their own lives. We all need help and support, but all women are capable of choosing their path in this world and have the strength to walk on it building beautiful things on the way.



Happy International Women’s Day!





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