Lab Online – Inglês

Lab Online – Curso de Inglês


Você vai encontrar nesta página:

  • Informações de como fazer lab online e ter seus pontos computados na sua avaliação;
  • Dicas especiais de Aplicativos, Filmes, Sites de Músicas, Gramática e exercícios extra.


1) Como fazer o lab on-line:

Após fazer a página de exercícios de lab, tire print screen da tela, cole no Word e mande para o e-mail:  [email protected]

O corpo do e-mail deve conter:

  • Seu nome completo
  • Livro que você estuda
  • Unidades e os números dos exercícios de lab que você fez

A cada dois links enviados, será computado um lab.

2) Dicas gerais exclusivas para o aluno de Inglês da ALT Idiomas


The 9 Best ESL Mobile Apps for Your Students

  1. 1


    This language-learning app features more than 3,000 words and expressions and covers a wide range of topics through comprehensive vocabulary sections and interactive tests. Levels include beginner to advanced, and it is available for download on iPhone and Android (20 units are free and remaining content is available upon purchase).

  2. 2

    SpeakingPal English Tutor

    A very entertaining and highly-interactive app, it features a series of mini-lessons of approximately 5 minutes, so students have no excuses when it comes to making the most of idle time. The student interacts with the app through speech recognition software that recreates a real video call. It’s available for download on iPhone or Android for free.

  3. 3


    This is a tremendously popular app, particularly in the Spanish-speaking market. It features news and stories on a variety of topics, and provides games for language practice, plus short quizzes to test comprehension. It can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android.

  4. 4


    This app was developed by the British Council in conjunction with Cambridge University Press and offers a wonderful, engaging way to learn new words through sets of interactive flashcards. Additional vocabulary packs may be downloaded from Cambridge dictionaries. Available for free on iPhone and Android.

  5. 5

    Conversation English

    This app features 20 lessons, each with a video dialogue. The app gives learners the option to read the conversation and then answer questions and complete a variety of exercises. It’s a great app for those who wish to practice more conversational English. It’s available for download on iTunes.

  6. 6

    English Grammar in Use Tests

    Developed by Cambridge University Press and based on the successful Grammar in Use series, this app allows students to practice English grammar as a series of “tests” that are more akin to games. It’s not free, but it’s one of the best apps for students who want some grammar practice on the go. There is also a complete series of apps based on the Grammar in Use books available for iPhone.

  7. 7

    IELTS Master Vocabulary Guide

    This is the perfect app for students who want to take the Cambridge IELTS examination. It is the perfect complement to the book and helps students prepare for the test by providing plenty of vocabulary practice. It’s available for download on iTunes as well as its other versions for TOEIC, TOEFL, etc…

  8. 8

    Cambridge Advanced Learners’ Dictionary

    There is a large variety of dictionary apps available, most of them more affordable than this one (lots are even free!), but this dictionary is certainly more affordable than its print version. Definitely worth the price.

  9. 9

    Oxford Deluxe Dictionary and Thesaurus of English

    It is probably one of the most expensive apps available for English learners, but there are none more comprehensive than this one. This app basically contains the complete Oxford Dictionary, plus the thesaurus, with the added audio feature. It’s ideal for students who have the money to spend and don’t want to carry a big, bulky dictionary around.


  • Dictionary
  • LearnEnglish Grammar (British Council)
  • Vagalume
  • Letras.terra (interacts with your own music – brings you the lyrics)
  • Soundhound (it recognizes songs and brings you the lyrics)
  • WordPower Learn American English Vocabulary, by – Free
  • Learn English Through Stories, by Vu Truong Tanh –  Free
  • Learn English, by Hello-Hello – Free
  • Monkey Puzzle (game)
  • Cambridge dictionaries
  • Grammar expert
  • CAE Use of English (Paid)
  • CAE Transformation
  • Pre-TOEFL
  • OCG to IELTS
  • My word book (British council)


Games (app)

  • Monkey Puzzle
  • Academy Island
  • Elevate (game / grammar / vocabulary)
  • Duolingo (game / English)


Podcasts (audio)

  • LearnEnglish Podcasts (British Council)
  • ESL Podcast
  • English Café
  • EnglishPod 
  • BBC Online


  1. BBC (Online)

    The news broadcasting site offers a lot more than news articles and reports.Advanced ESL students may take full advantage of the BBC’s World News TV service, with hundreds of short videos and programs to watch. The video page has one-minute world news reports, plus plenty of other short videos on business, science and entertainment.

  2. 2

    BBC (Radio)

    BBC Radio is a separate service that allows users to listen to radio programs online or with a mobile app. There are countless radio programs to choose from, but I recommend starting with the categories page. There students will be able to choose from news, sports, entertainment or documentary programs to listen to.

  3. 3

    Like its British counterpart, CNN provides an excellent video channel, on which students are able to catch the latest news. CNN also offers a podcasting service with shows for a wide variety of interests. And there’s more. CNN offers transcripts for some of these very same shows, giving students an additional resource to improve listeningskills with.

  4. 4

    Repeat After Us

    Repeat After Us was created by a high school student with a true love of literature.Here, students will find a variety of recorded texts, classified into three categories:beginner, intermediate and advanced. There is a lot of original material in this site, so for listening practice, students should go to recorded texts, and from there choose poetry, drama, prose or even children’s short stories if the previous categories prove to be too difficult. Listening practice and English literature combined!

  5. 5

    CBC Podcasts

    The Canadian broadcasting company has an astounding variety of news, sports, and entertainment programs – and a whole lot more. Students may download the MP3 file or subscribe via iTunes so they won’t miss any of their favorites.

  6. 6


    National Public Radio offers 24-hour Program Stream or Hourly News summaries students may want to listen to. Additionally, it offers podcasts on topics that range from animals to world news.

  7. 7

    The British Council

    There are some great podcasts that can be downloaded from the British Council’s website. All of which feature native speakers and come with a script students may choose to read as they listen.

  8. 8


    Of all of the websites that offer news reports on video, Newsy is my favorite because they offer the transcript directly below the video, a big plus for ESL students. Still, students may choose to display the transcript or keep it hidden for more challenging listening practice.

  9. 9

    The Weather Channel

    You’d think The Weather Channel offers mostly the weather forecast on video, but it provides a lot more than that. It has very interesting TV shows, like the fascinating Hurricane Hunters, which are great for adventure-seeking students. The clips are short and the audio that is difficult to hear due to weather conditions is subtitled.

  10. 10

    Schackne Online

    For additional sources of authentic listening material, students may visit Schackne Online. This website offers a very comprehensive list of listening resources, including links to video sites, like YouTube and UStream, and podcasts, like CBS Radio Mystery Theater, a show that students who enjoy a good mystery will enjoy. Schackne Online also lists podcast directories like Podbean. The number of video sites and podcasts is staggering. Please be advised that some of this content may not be appropriate for all audiences. Adult students should be warned and proceed with caution when choosing a video channel or podcast (some comedy shows may have offensive language, for example). Children should not be selecting podcasts or any type of audio material on their own.



Music (audio)

Read the lyrics with the song

Try to listen and understand without reading, the parts you don’t get, read and try again – Music that you like.

  • Lyrics training
  • (interacts with your own music – brings you the lyrics)



Vídeos no YouTube

Há milhares de aulas em vídeo nos mais diversos temas no ensino de idiomas, mas recomendamos uma consulta ao seu professor em relação aos mais confiáveis, pois grande parte não foram produzidas por profissionais, com erros graves e fundamentação muitas vezes desmotivadora.


Filmes e seriados:

  • Com áudio e legenda em inglês a partir do nível 3A.

Recomendamos evitar assuntos técnicos nesta fase, tais como ER, House ou CSI, por exemplo.

  • áudio em inglês, sem legenda a partir do nível 6A (assuntos simples inicialmente).