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7 Dos and Don’ts to take good care of your voice

Hello guys!

Today is World Voice Day and we brought you some really good tips to take care of your voice, specially if you use it professionally as a teacher, singer, attendant, recepcionist, seller, broadcaster, actor, reporter or other jobs that require the constant use of this precious ‘instrument’, our voice.

The following tips were offered by Priscila Lombardo, speech therapist.



1 – Drink water. It lubricates your body and also your oral mucosa;

2 – Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks. They irritate, anesthetize or swell your vocal cords when consumed in excess;

3 – Good breathing. Keep a good body posture to breathe.



4 – Avoid throat lozenges, sprays etc. They anesthetize your throat and cause mucus;

5 – Avoid thermal shock by exposing your body to hot and cold temperatures (with drinks or the environment). Conditions that make it change rapidly;

6 –  Avoid milk or derivatives. They cause more secretion irritating your throat and vocal cords;

7 – Avoid shouting or forcing your voice too much. That may develop diseases such as  nodules or clefts in your vocal cords and it will change the quality of your voice.



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