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Inglês para engenharia mecânica: 25 termos técnicos para utilizar profissionalmente

Existe um vasto vocabulário em inglês para a engenharia, assim como para cada ramo dessa profissão. Selecionamos alguns deles para compartilhar aqui com você.


Ah, sim! E, como na Alt Idiomas não utilizamos tradução, recorremos à explicação totalmente em inglês. 😉 Enjoy!


1 – Acid: liquid that contains hydrogen and has a pH of less than seven;


2 – Pump: machine that forces liquid, gas, or air into or out of something;


3 -Piston: a part of an engine that has of a short cylinder which fits inside a tube and moves up and down or backwards and forwards to make other parts of the engine move;


4 – Brake: ​a device for slowing or stopping a vehicle;


5 – Brake pad: a thin block that presses onto the disc in a disc brake in a vehicle to stop it;


6 – Disc brake: a brake that works by two surfaces pressing onto a disc in the center of a wheel;


7 – Engine: the part of a vehicle that produces power to make the vehicle move;


8 – Pulley: a wheel or set of wheels over which a rope or chain is pulled in order to lift or lower heavy objects;


9 – Screw: a thin pointed piece of metal with a raised spiral line along it and a cross-cut into its head. Screws are turned and pressed into wood, metal, etc;


10 – Clockwise: moving around in the same direction as the hands of a clock;


11 – Valve: a device for controlling the flow of a liquid or gas, letting it move in one direction only;


12 – Float: to move slowly on water or in the air;


13 – Axle: a long straight piece of metal that connects a pair of wheels on a vehicle;


14 – Gear: an element of machines also called “Sprocket” which gives strength and rotation of an axle to another component in a system of movement;


15 – Ditch: a long channel dug at the side of a field or road, to hold or take away water;


16 – Dowel: a small piece of wood, plastic, etc. in the shape of a cylinder, used to fix larger pieces of wood, plastic, etc. together;


17 – Lathe: a machine that shapes pieces of wood or metal by holding and turning them against a fixed cutting tool;


18 – Lever: a handle used to operate a vehicle or a machine;


19 – Roller: a piece of wood, metal or plastic, like a tube in shape, that rolls over and over, used as a tool or as part of a machine, for example to make something flat or to move something;


20 -Damper: a device that reduces vibration; 


21 – Brake drum: a brake that works by blocks pressing against the inner part of the wheel;


22 – Muffler: a device that is fixed to the exhaust of a vehicle in order to reduce the amount of noise that the engine makes;


23 – Belt: a continuous band of material that moves round and is used to carry things along or to drive a machine; 

24 – Fuel hose: pipe used to transfer fuel from one point in a vehicle to another;


25 – Exhaust: the system in a vehicle through which exhaust gases come out.



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