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Marketing Digital: 30 termos em inglês para você aprender

O setor de marketing digital tem crescido muito ao longo dos anos e se intensificou especialmente durante a pandemia. Muitos negócios físicos se viram na obrigação de migrar para plataformas digitais para se manterem vivos e ativos. 


O idioma inglês é constantemente utilizado neste mercado. Os termos muitas vezes nem são traduzidos. Há muito conteúdo para estudar sobre a área mundialmente disponível na internet.

Separamos abaixo 30 vocabulários em inglês para você se familiarizar. E, como a Alt Idiomas não utiliza tradução, as explicações foram dadas totalmente em inglês. Confira:


  1. Ad Creative  Banner, video, image, or audio – these are the creatives inside your ad;


  2. Affiliate:  they promote someone else’s products or services and receive a commission for that;


  3. Algorithm Update Large-scale changes related to algorithm updates that involve the way Google and search engines index sites, blogs etc;


  4. Attribution Models Set of rules that distributes credit for sales and conversions designated to specific touchpoints in the purchase funnel;


  5. Backlink when your website link is added to someone else’s site;


  6. Bid  Your bid is the highest price you are willing to pay per click to rank a keyword;


  7. Branded Keywords  keyword with a brand or product name;


  8. Behavioral Marketing Target audiences based on behavior. Then  nurture leads with personalized campaigns;


  9. Bounce Rate Percentage of single interaction visits to a website. People that did not move to another page neither clicked any button, etc;


  10. Buyer Persona Represents your ideal buyer based on demographics, characteristics, and online behavior;


  11. Churn Percentage of customers that end a subscription or stop buying your products and services;


  12. CPA Cost Per Acquisition. New client or lead;


  13. CPC Cost Per Click. The price you pay for each click;


  14. CPL  Cost-per-Lead. When you pay for each lead generated by a campaign;


  15. CPM  When you pay per thousand impressions;


  16. CPV   Cost-per-view. Payment by every 30 sec or more of your video is watched or when people interact with your ad;


  17. CRO Conversion Rate Optimization. Here you basically do something to improve your conversion rate;


  18. Domain Authority  A search engine ranking score that calculates the probability of your website ranking high on a Search Engine Ranking Page;


  19. H Tags H tags refer to headings. H1 is the highest level and H6 is the lowest, like a title;


  20. KPI  Key Performance Indicators evaluate the progress of specific business goals. Conversion, engagement, etc;


  21. Link Building It works as the infrastructure for search engine crawlers;


  22. Long Tail Keyword specify or characterize the main keyword using other words that follow the core keyword;


  23. Outbound Marketing You go after your client using marketing methods;


  24. Pay Per Click (PPC) You pay every time someone clicks on your link, your ad and so on;


  25. Publishers People or companies who advertise product in their digital spaces, and receive a commission for the results;


  26. ROI Return on Investment. Profit or loss from an investment;


  27. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Any strategy that wants to gain website traffic by ads is considered SEM;


  28. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) starts with keyword research to check the terms your audience is using on Google;


  29. SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) The page where a search engine displays the results of a search query;


  30. UTM  A snippet of code that checks traffic sources and monitors the campaign performance.


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