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Vocabulário de futebol em inglês! 30 palavras para você praticar na Copa do Mundo

A Copa do Mundo está logo aí. Será em novembro de 2022. E, claro, nós vamos explorar juntos novas palavras dentro do vocabulário de futebol em inglês para você aprender bastante, e reconhecer quando estiver de frente para a telinha assistindo a mais uma bela partida de soccer game.


Let’s go!


  1. Cleat: a small, pointed part on the bottom of some shoes used for particular sports or activities to stop you from sliding;
  2. Jersey: a shirt that is worn by a member of a sports team;
  3. Shin guard: a piece of rubber or plastic material worn inside a sock to protect the lower part of your leg when playing a sport such as football or hockey;
  4. Locker room: a room with lockers where people can keep clothes and other things, especially while taking part in a sport;
  5. Net: material made of threads of rope, string, wire, or plastic with spaces between them, that is used to limit the movement of the ball;
  6. Own goal: score against your own team;
  7. Skipper: the captain of a sport team;
  8.  Pitch: the field where the game is played;
  9. Corner Kick: when a player has to take a kick from the corner of the pitch;
  10. Foul: an act that is against the rules of the sport.
  11. Scissor kick: in soccer, a kick in which a player jumps backwards into the air and then kicks the ball when it is above their head;
  12. Booking: a punishment for breaking the rules in a football game in which the referee writes the player’s name in a book;
  13. Box or penalty area: in soccer, the area surrounded by white lines in front of the goal;
  14. Goal area/goalmouth: the area exactly in front of the goal;
  15. Center circle: the circle marked in the center of a soccer pitch;
  16. Touchline: one of the two lines that show the position of the long edges of the area in which particular games, such as soccer, are played;
  17. Center spot: The mark in the middle of the center circle from which the game kicks off;
  18. Corner arc: a component of a pitch located at the four corners of the field used to denote the placement of the ball;
  19. Goal line:  This angle would specify who is closer to the defender’s goal line only if the line judge were always on the offside line.
  20. Captain armband: a piece of material that the captain wears around the arm as a sign of being a leader;
  21. Goalkeeper: player responsible for defending the goal.
  22. Defender: someone in a sports team who tries to prevent the other team from scoring points, goals, etc.
  23. Stricker: player who scores goals;
  24. Center forward: the player in the middle of the front row of forwards;
  25. Midfield: the central area of a sports field, or a central structure of the team.
  26. Left-back: players that are width of the defense;
  27. Left-wing: an attacking player that can control the ball at the left side of the pitch;
  28. Referee: judge;
  29. Right-back: Defensive position;
  30. Right-wing: attacking player who stays near the touchlines.


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